Flood and Water Damage
When you experience any form of water damage in your home, it can be a devastating experience. Floodmasters is a company with a proven track record to meet your needs.
• State of the Art Equipment
• Expertly Trained Staff
Moisture Detection
Hidden moisture can be a time-bomb. We offer the most innovative thermal imaging equipment to detect any hidden moisture and the best trained and equipped staff to deal with the problem.
• The Floodmasters Approach
• About Thermography
Fire Damage
Although a fire can be a devastating occurance, Floodmasters can alleviate some of your stress by providing all the services necessary to completely restore your home or building.
• IICRC Certification
• The Floodmasters Advantage
Applied Structural Drying
Floodmasters' cutting-edge drying equipment can save you from the costly and arduous task of gutting water-logged drywall, flooring and carpeting.
• DriForce - InterAir Drying System
• The Rescue Mat
Restoration Services
All our highly skilled emergency service staff are IICRC certified for water loss management. We carry the most technically advanced equipment in drying and dehumidification.
• Carpet Steam Cleaning
• Flooring Repairs
Mold Remediation
After a flood, fire or other water damage the affected areas must be dried completely to minimize the possibility of mold growth.
• About Mold
Trauma/Hazard Clean 911
We provide our services to residential, commercial and industrial areas, which have been contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, or infectious waste.
• Crime Scenes
• Unattended Death & Decomposition
• Distressed Property & Gross Filth
• Illicit Drug Labs
Dealing With a Sewage Backup
A sewage backup is often one of the most difficult disasters for many homeowners or business owners in the GTA to deal with. Discovering raw sewage flowing back into the building can leave people feeling stunned and unsure where to even begin the cleanup. This particular situation is one that demands quick decisions to limit the area of contamination and the extent of damage that is done to the building.
The situation can be overwhelming and it is often difficult to know exactly who to call to get things under control. It is important to get the sewage backup under control as quickly as possible. This involves identifying and correcting whatever is causing the backup to occur. Once the source of the backup has been relieved, cleanup efforts can begin to restore the affected area to a state where it does not pose serious health risks to inhabitants.
Luckily there are emergency cleanup companies who specialize in transforming potentially overwhelming disasters such as sewage backup into manageable inconveniences. This is why the first thing to do in a sewage backup crisis is to contact a reputable and certified specialty cleanup company.
How to Choose the Best Cleanup Company
There are different factors that will set the different cleanup companies servicing Toronto and the surrounding areas apart. These factors can have major impact on the company's ability to complete the sewage backup cleanup project.
The ability to provide emergency service and have an on-site presence in a minimal time-frame is absolutely vital to preserving personal property and decreasing the chances of long-term damages.
The crew that arrives on-site should always have the experience necessary to assess the situation quickly and spring a well-conceived plan into action. This can save thousands of dollars in restoration costs and significantly reduce the time needed to perform the cleanup. It is an intelligent choice to find a company with a proven history of successfully resolving many types of disaster cleanup situations.
A company with cutting-edge equipment will be able to remove all traces of the sewage backup and thoroughly sanitize the area. This is essential because exposure to raw sewage brings high risks of disease, viruses and bacteria. Thorough sanitation is necessary to remove these risks for inhabitants of the building. High-tech drying equipment will help to lower the chances of extensive water damage while also reducing the chances of mold growth in the future.
Damage restoration services may also be available. These services make it possible for the area to be restored to a condition that is often better than it was before the sewer backup occurred.
One Company for All Cleanup Needs
There are companies servicing the GTA who provide all of the above expert services to their customers. This allows customers to use a cleanup company they trust for the entire cleanup and restoration project in order to minimize time and disruption. These companies have built a strong reputation based on consistent expert work and excellent customer service.
If you have the need for a sewage backup cleanup in the GTA, choose the best emergency cleanup company to ensure the crisis is handled from beginning to end with your best interests in mind.
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